About Us

Hestia.ai is a data expertise consultancy and training company based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Here's our story in brief:

When mathematician Paul-Olivier Dehaye discovered what Cambridge Analytica was doing with Facebook users' data to influence their votes, he did a hell of a job that led to the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica affair and the making of the Netflix movie The Great Hack.

“Paul-Olivier Dehaye is now one of the world's leading experts on this issue”, wrote Paris-Match. Rather than selling his skills to the highest bidder, he convinced talented people to join him in the Hestia.ai adventure.

Their goal: offer concrete solutions and intelligent support to companies understanding that trust is the new digital Eldorado.

Their motto: User first. Privacy by design. No compromise.

Paul-Olivier Dehaye

Paul-Olivier is a mathematician by training (PhD Stanford, fellowships Oxford and ETH Zurich) who became interested in the role of personal data in society. He has most notably helped uncover the Cambridge Analytica scandal. He has led the NGO PersonalData.io and sat on the board of MyData Global. He is the CEO of Hestia.ai.


Charles Foucault-Dumas

A science journalist and writer, Charles launched the media L'Usine Digitale before heading the NGO Empowerment Foundation for a human-centered digital world. He joined Hestia.ai in January 2021 as Head of Communications.

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Andreas Kündig

Andreas Kündig is an economist by training, a software developer, and a comic book author. Since March 2021, he has been using at least one of these skills to drive HestiaLabs forward. Andreas has worked in a wide range of industries and organisations, including two early-stage tech startups.


François Quellec

François Quellec is a computer scientist, graduated from EPFL with a specialization in Data Science. He started working in data visualization for Swiss newspapers before starting to work at Hestia in September 2021. He likes to find new patterns in data and make complex topics understandable to a wide audience.


Mirko De Bortoli

Mirko De Bortoli is a recent graduate in mathematics of the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. He first joined us as a trainee, working on applying category theory to our data analysis frameworks. He is passionate about science, ethics, sports and bad jokes.


Why “Hestia”?

In Greek mythology, Hestia is the goddess of the hearth. She takes care of the home, and makes sure the family feels at ease around the house fire to discuss events and ideas. This fire evokes also the fire stolen by Prometheus to be given to humankind. In our frame, this fire is data and data analysis, powerful tools that have escaped from our control. Hestia.ai puts that fire back as a center of our focus, so we can figure out its meaning together, and make sure it serves us rather than put us at risk.

This interpretation is also evoked by Stephen Fry in the Graham Norton Show.