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Are you uncertain about how to handle data access requests from your customers? As awareness of digital rights, such as GDPR and LPD, continues to grow, more and more consumers are exercising their rights and submitting requests for access to their personal data.

Ensure Compliance and Avoid Penalties

At, we understand the importance of compliance with data access regulations. Non-compliance can lead to severe financial penalties, potentially amounting to 4% of your annual turnover. Our services are designed to assist you in meeting your legal obligations and avoiding costly fines. You can even turn this apparent constraint into an opportunity for innovation.

Mapping Your Data

With our expertise, we offer a comprehensive mapping of both your external and internal data. This thorough analysis provides you with a clear understanding of your data landscape, including where sensitive information is stored and how it flows within and outside your organization. By mapping your data, you gain valuable insights into potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.

Automatic Response Generation

Crafting appropriate responses to data access requests can be time-consuming and complex. That's why has developed an innovative solution. Our platform automates the process of generating responses, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and efficiency. Say goodbye to costly, manual, error-prone responses and streamline your data access request management. 

Stay Ahead with

By partnering with, you can confidently navigate the challenges of data access requests. Our tailored services empower you to be compliant, protect customer trust, and safeguard your reputation. Don't let data access requests become a burden—let be your trusted ally in data governance.

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" allows us to imagine new business models that respect users and their data."

Serge Miéville, IT Security Manager for Transports Lausannois 

Rates and conditions

  1. Half-Day Audit: 800 CHF or Euros
    Get a comprehensive assessment of your data landscape with our half-day audit. Our expert team will analyze your data environment, identify potential vulnerabilities, and provide actionable insights to enhance your data governance practices.

  2. Data Mapping + Automatic Response Solution: 1000 CHF or Euros per use or 800 CHF or Euros per month
    Save time and effort and ensure compliance: streamline your data access request management with our data mapping and automated response solution.

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