Forensics and litigation

A full range of services focused on forensics, litigation and regulation.

Our team of experts and our tools are able to dive into complex data sets (complete or not, personal data or not) to extract key elements for litigation purposes.

Post-lawsuit : Customized Damage Quantification

We quantify the damages to which each plaintiff is entitled, individually, at the end of a lawsuit, based on his or her data and the elements pronounced by the judge.

For example, we could provide a personalized estimate of the number of ads of a certain type displayed for each TikTok user involved in a class action against the platform.

This information is used by plaintiffs and their lawyers to obtain the compensation they deserve.

During the lawsuit: Forensic expertise

As experts in data and data law, we can provide valuable assistance to lawyers and plaintiffs during a lawsuit.

Reference:'s founder has been called as an expert witness in two US cases against Facebook, and has testified in numerous official venues (Council of Europe, French Senate, European, Swiss and English assemblies). founder Paul-Olivier Dehaye testifies in the House of Commons

( founder Paul-Olivier Dehaye and whistleblower Christopher Wylie testify in the House of Commons before British MPs on March 29, 2018, as part of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica case.)

Litigation Start: Opt-in/opt-out assessment tool

We offer a powerful tool that checks a potential plaintiff's data to see if he or she has the evidence to join a class action (data evidence). Our tool is infinitely respectful of privacy since the analysis takes place in the person's browser, so he or she can determine if his or her case falls within the scope of a class-action without his or her data leaving his or her computer or phone. This helps our clients build a strong case and maximize their chances of success in litigation.

Before the lawsuit: Participatory investigation tool

Our participatory investigation tools help identify issues that are likely to be the subject of complaints. This approach helps plaintiffs, consumer associations and litigation funders to find angles of attack or to validate their hypotheses before filing their claims. 

Example: Calculation by Uber drivers and their lawyers of the arrears they are owed by Uber, before filing a lawsuit.

Regulatory support

We have the experience to help you navigate the complex world of digital regulation.
We help public authorities to formulate the texts governing digital services and inform their decisions on the subject.

Reference: Our team was involved in the formulation of the new Geneva law on transportation.


« These are revolutionary tools for justice »

Me Francesco La Spada, lawyer of Uber drivers in Geneva

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