Google, Uber, Facebook, Linkedin... data is the fuel for the world's biggest companies.

You know what? You too have access to this data - thanks to the GDPR (EU) or the FADP (Swiss). helps you get that data and use it in a privacy-friendly way.

Training for leaders, teachers and journalists

Our workshops take participants on a dizzying journey through their own digital data.

  • How and by whom is it collected?
  • What problems does this digital power raise?
  • How can we deal with it?

It concerns: politicians, civil servants, teachers, pupils and journalists.

Solutions for data compliance

Everything to make life easier for DPOs and CDOs:

  • Data request processing automation
  • Privacy-preserving softwares and infrastructures
  • Governance consulting
  • Transparency enhancing technologies
  • Data orchestration solutions

Tools for academics

Focus on your research in data governance/processing/economics/policies... We take care of the infrastructure and software to obtain, secure, process and visualise the data you need with the utmost respect for those who produce it.

Digital trust at your fingertips

We prefer short demonstrations to long speeches. Click on this button👇 and we will come to show you what we are made of.



Data collectives With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, the HestiaLabs project enables citizens’ data to be used for social advancements, through bottom-up collectives dealing with mobility data, platform workers, dating app users, data literacy and the attention economy. is the winner 2022 of the Herbert & Audrey Rosenfield Fund's "Social Innovation Award" among the 12 companies selected to attend the Trust Valley's Tech4Trust programme.


Strategic foresight & data literacy Designed for and with the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the Digipower investigation is a data literacy program for executive leaders based on the analysis of their own data.

📕Read this report to understand the influence of data on the distribution of economic and political power.

📗Read this report to discover how we audit the digital economy through access to personal data.

They talk about it

RTS Targeting parliamentarians on social networks to try to influence them, a complex digital lobbying with very little supervision that the CEO of deconstructed for La Matinale.

**Le Temps** Two experts from comment on the new Swiss Data Protection Act and urge companies to react before it comes into force on 1 September 2023.

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RTS Invited by "Les beaux parleurs", Paul-Olivier Dehaye explained to Jonas Schneiter why the control of data is "a new way of doing politics" in front of a disconcerted Micheline Calmy-Rey.

The CEO of was also interviewed by the Swiss TV news on the freedom of expression promised by Elon Musk following his announcement to buy Twitter.

MyData Check out the vision for collective data governance we presented at the nonprofit MyData's annual event.

**CNBC** CEO comments on the impact that the entry into force of the European Digital Market Act and Digital Service Act will have on the relationship between Ireland and the web giants.

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Bilan "The ecosystem of digital trust in French-speaking Switzerland is undeniably growing," writes Bilan. With its training courses on data and its monetisation, is one of the leading figures.

Read the article Looking back on a 2021 that was "particularly rich in digital privacy advancements," interviewed the CEO of to envision a 2022 that will be "crucial for privacy preservation."

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alp ict Platform for the promotion of information and digital technologies in Western Switzerland, alp ict has taken an interest in the activities of and HestiaLabs in its November 2021 video newsletter.

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Sitra In an in-depth article, Sitra details how researchers are training the decision-makers participating in the Digipower investigation to "take control of their own digital lives."

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Radio Lac On December 2, 2021, Benjamin Smadja hosted on his program Parlons économie, in partnership with the Geneva Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services.

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