The technology that tech was missing to be sustainable

Thanks to the technology developed by, you can offer personalized services without ever accessing users' data.

Respect privacy.

Gain trust.

It's the new added value.


Our roster of talent is ideally positioned to provide creative and strategic consultative services and custom development for innovative companies and organisations.

Development privacy-preserving machine learning / infrastructure building / site-app-software custom realization.

Consulting data governance / data analysis / use case design / prototyping / consortium setup / tech communication.


We team up with academic and industrial partners to respond to national or European calls for projects. Thanks to our track record and the quality of our work, we have already obtained funds in less than a year.

About us

With a unique blend of complementary skills, our team has a focused understanding of today's world and client needs. We leverage this experience to develop the ideal solution for a range of privacy-friendly challenges.

Ongoing projects


Trusted distributed system Research and development project to study the security of a well-known distributed system, including the way it distributes information and performs computations.

Migros Pioneer Fund

Data collectives With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, the HestiaLabs project enables citizens’ data to be used for social advancements, through bottom-up collectives.

Public interest innovation fund

Strategic foresight & data literacy Data Literacy for executive leaders based on the analysis of their own data. Deciphering the influence of data on the distribution of economic and political power.

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